Soul Beginnings

Every journey has a launch point.

A crisis

A miracle

A leap of faith

A deep dissatisfaction

No matter what it is, journeys must start somewhere.  And usually when the journey begins we, as humans, have the clear destination set before us in the distance.  I mean, where would a runner be without knowing how to pace themselves for the final destination?

And so we approach life the same way…

A start and a finish, pacing ourselves along the way, putting limits on our days, our lives and those around us.  We have our mind set, our path is sure (or so we think) and we are calm and collected.

Then it happens.

The collision, the stumble, the disorientation, the boredom or sometimes just a u-turn.

And now the journey we were sure of, that we had put our trust in has changed trajectory.  The mind now races, the path is unsure or completely gone and our emotions are everywhere.  It is here that many either stand still or simply just quit the journey they are on.  We settle for “this is the way it is” or maybe “this was all wrong from the beginning”, whatever that voice speaks at that place.  Either way, things are just not the same.

And our soul is immediately not well and the life we had at the beginning drains away like the slow ebb of a dying heartbeat.

What now?

And it happens to us all, young, old, male, female, it happens.  So, what now?

Honestly I sat cross-legged a few years ago and wondered the same.  The disillusionment had set in somewhere on what I thought was the perfect journey with a clear destination.  And with that came the grasping for life and gasping for air.  And it was at this point that something began to penetrate my soul and choices needed to be made.

Immobilizing fear?  Doubt?  Paralyzation?

All the above!

But sometimes we must just step into the craziness of our soul.  And it was here that I began to allow my mind to unravel, a new way to be charted, for my will to become not mine but that of something higher than myself, and for my emotions to become raw and then one by one be healed.  A process, yes definitely!  One that’s been mastered?  Not yet…but that’s the journey!

Comfortable?  No way!  Hard?  Seemed impossible!


The more I allowed myself to be unraveled from the places I’d created for myself (notice I said “I created”), the clearer many things became though others became a far, distant, dim, impossible dream.

Then, as I let go and surrendered more and more, I realized something…it’s so simple…

The simple truth that I was being taught to love myself and be loved and let go of MY created journey and step into the one that had been created for me before time, one made uniquely for me,one that only I can accomplish that, though seemingly impossible, sparked an excitement in me I didn’t understand.  A deep peace settled and a new feeling emerged…rest in my soul.

Step in…that’s all I had to do.  One small step and the journey began.  One small, fearfully whispered “Yes”, having no idea what I was saying yes to.  Something that appeared would cost me so much, yet knowing deep inside the reward would always outweigh the cost and, the destination, though unclear, was a so clear.  It was a call to more than I was and more than I could ever be on my own, a destination always marked out for me but was awaiting an appointed time.

So step in I did.  But stepping in requires leaving things behind, some that need to be left and others that are hard to leave.  Forward motion requires focus on what’s ahead, not what is in the past.

Freedom?  Yes…but a difficult freedom at times.  You see being undone is vulnerable and scary and unsure and we simply don’t like that, as we are a culture of guarded, put-together people.  You know, it’s only the crazy ones that share all that inner “soul” stuff.  We who are “wiser” must keep it all together and make it look good…all with a dying soul.

So as I write today I’m further into the journey, have had successes and failures and have skinned my knees a lot from falling or just from kneeling and crying out.  And it continues…

As I know, it will never be over until moving into eternity so with my backpack slung over my shoulder and my aviators firmly on my face, this girl walks on, steps in, lives full and doesn’t turn back, facing the light of tomorrow that is impregnated with a plethora of hopes and dreams.  Limitless dreams!

Soulife lesson today…

There are always two paths…one well worn, sure and safe and as Robert Frost penned the other “less traveled”.  What will you choose?

Let’s chat!  Are you ready to take that step into new and away from where you are?  Are you ready to let go and move into your future?  Let me journey with you into a real, full, exciting, healthy Soulife!

Who knows…the you, you were created to be may just be around the corner of the road!

Until next time Soulife friends…Blessings!

Dee 🙂


What is the Soulife?

Is it well today?

The question that is often raised in my mind as I reluctantly open my eyes to face the day ahead (reluctant is an understatement for this non-morning person).  I check the time and the gears begin moving in my head (yes slowly at first, but they do speed up a bit)

Mind racing…

To do list forming…

Feelings all over the place…

Sound familiar?  Probably all too familiar to most.

Soul wellness.

We hear much about physical wellness, mental wellness, even emotional wellness. There is a system for them all and a remedy (multiple) for anything that ails us.  We are a quick fix, give me a pill and let’s move on to the next thing culture.

But what if, rather than isolated elements of our life, compartments we try to manage, they were actually all connected?

Well they are…and there, my friend, is your soul.  The encapsulation of the mind, your will and your emotions.  One big jumbled up, crazy place for some (a lot) of us.

So, is it well?  Your soul I mean?

The answer to that question just made some of you shut this down and will never read again!  I know I would have.  But if you will humor me a bit, join me on a little blogging journey.  Call this a free therapy session, a chat, or just a friend to a friend but I want to journey with you into this idea of a well Soulife…yep I know it’s misspelled but that’s really it, all meshed together into one life.

A couple of thoughts…

Are you conscious of the you you were created to be?

What do you think about, want to do and how do you feel?

And finally, how does all that effect the “real me” I was created to be?

Well, those are the questions on the table.  So grab your coffee (0r tea), I have mine, sit in that big, comfy chair and let’s ponder these things and chat.

This is a journey, one for soul-wellness if you will, but more than that, one for wholeness.  You see, that’s been mine for a few years now (more about that later) and I hope to share my heart and you share yours as we dive into some “soul food”.  What a better thing for friends than food with many benefits and no calories!  I’m in!!

So before I leave you today, a little about me…

I’m a wife, mother, friend, business owner and simply a woman who loves life and wants my life to live beyond me.  I’ve had multiple careers and now am sitting in a new beginning in my life…a do-over or u-turn of sorts.  A blessing, a gift,  but I didn’t always see it that way…hence a not-so-good soulife!  But here I sit some years into the journey, with lots of experiences, successes and failures and MANY journaling hours!  So here is where I’ll share those journals, my heart and my soul journey.

And here is where I hope you will share yours as well.  Let’s start some dialogue and let’s explore a magnificent, incredible, exceedingly abundant Soulife together!

Until next time…