Cageless Perspective

Lose your life to gain it.

Sow in order to reap.

Blessed to be a blessing.

Praise demands a sacrifice.

What I feel as a loss God sees as freedom.

All can make sense, yet all dependent upon perspective.

My human perspective, usually, is on what has been lost, the world and the culture is about gain…gain money, gain mass, gain education, gain friends, gain influence, yet Jesus was always about losing and giving away.  He walked with no worry, no stress, in perfect peace, yet possessed nothing that we would see as valuable, even his relationships were with the least desirable, not those who could gain Him the most in that day.

This is the paradox of kingdom life…upside down.  Loss IS freedom…no parameters, endless, boundless and infinite.  Makes sense that Jesus would talk of freedom.  Because it is in that freedom that we see the love…wide, deep, fathomless love.

He tells us to cast away anything that “entangles” us.  Traps us.  Enslaves us.  All speak of freedom.  So why is it so difficult to lose?

We FEEL the loss.  That’s what loss is….yes it is apparent to the eye but more of it is a feeling, especially when it’s something of value.  We want to seek after it until the loss is satisfied.  No love there, just loss.  But then He says let it go…3 small but very difficult words to actually flesh out.

Feelings are attached to what is of value.  So when the thing of value is lost then we “feel” the loss.  But what if that was so upside down?  And what if the loss of one thing is always the gain of another?  That works with a kingdom that is balanced and works harmoniously.  So in the loss there is always freedom, in God’s perspective.

We must deal with the feelings to see the freedom.

The feelings are what keeps the vision at bay.  The feelings are where the enemy preys.  Where the lies take root and then the more the feelings are fed, the feelings live and grow like vines that entangle our thoughts and eventually our actions until we are enslaved by them.

But this infinite freedom is what God wants us to see.  Free to experience His grace, free to delve deeper into His love, free to really experience how high, wide and deep is all that He has for us.

I feel loss, yet I make it all I see.  He sees freedom, period.  Truth is concrete, feelings are relative.  Freedom is concrete, you either are or you are not…no gray area.  No partial freedom.  Either free or enslaved.

So today the camera pans out…the lens widens and the perspective changes.  A loss, a letting go up close is all you see, but from 10,000 feet there is so much more.  There is a future, there are dreams, there is clear vision, there is a hope and a good plan.

A choice…limited or endless, cages or freedom, fear or faith, loss or life…

This soul chooses to live, let it go and see just where the journey leads…choose this day what you will serve…yes it’s that plain and simple and the choice for our soul is all ours.

Where will you live today?  Would love to hear from you!

Blessing your soulife…Dee


One thought on “Cageless Perspective

  1. Every day… No every moment I need to stay focused. Life, Well the way I make life even just being so busy doing good can take away from my total commited focus. I want to see people thru His eyes and love people with his heart. Yes Dee.. I need to be focused on seeing and loving thru his spirit instead of focused on my fleshly desires of I wants. Focused thru the spirit frees us up to serve him the way he wants and yes then and only then are we free. Keep blogging you inspire me

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