Happiness is in the Eye of the Beholder

The saying goes…

“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”

So very true of about everything.  An abstract piece of art can be a mess to one and a masterpiece to another, early morning sunrises are life to one while to another an annoyance, a walk in a rainstorm is cleansing to one while simply a wet mess to another.


This seems to be the theme of my life, thus yet another blog on my newest shift in perspective…happiness.   Previously, I’ve discussed my perspective shifts on change, freedom and even this journey we walk called life, but this one has taken me a bit by surprise.

Happiness, it seems, is also in the eye of the beholder.

You see, I’ve realized happiness has not always been my strong point.  Oh I can “appear” to be very happy…I know the words to say, the body language to use and am even very adept at creating “happy” places and atmosphere.  So imagine my surprise when just yesterday I sat down with a journal and all I could think about was happiness and, specifically, why I struggle so much with being happy.

Then it came to me.

Somehow in the midst of my life journey I had adopted then deeply repressed the idea that somehow I really do not deserve to be completely happy, that doing that is somehow prideful and arrogant and if I feel happy it must be a fleeting moment and I will then wait for the proverbial “other shoe” to drop.  Here, as is often the situation in my ponderings, came a thought.

What if I was really meant to be happy all the time?  I mean what if I was so designed that way that the struggle is not deserving to be but the conflict between my mind and my heart.  Here I go again…that 18 inch journey from the head to the heart.

Life throws lots of curve balls.

Mistakes we make as well as situations that effect us that are far beyond our control.  It is in these curve ball moments that I have stepped back from the plate, laid my bat down and decided the home run of a happy life was not mine to have.

But then God…and but the life He leads us into.

It is in those moments that sometimes if you just look up and look around you see something right in front of you that you could have passed right by.  Like walking along a trail so consumed by just getting to the end, or overcoming the pain in your legs that you miss the beautiful spotted fawn staring toward you through the woods.  It is those chance encounters, I call them the little blessings along the way, that remind us that happiness is what we are all hard-wired for…that perfect communion between what is around us and what is within us that collides resulting in an exquisite peace and joy that one cannot begin to describe.

So today, after what seemed like a night robbed of sleep, I woke up and made a choice for happiness.  A choice to look at the blessings, ones that have been there and even a few new ones that have lately come my way.  Things that I might have missed had I not slowed down and looked around.  Funny how today the grass is greener, the sky is  clearer and even the obstacles are not as insurmountable as they seemed before. It’s crazy that just that mindset shift has caused my heart to flutter a bit as if little angel wings are reminding me I’m loved and valued.  That it’s not a matter of deserving, but a matter of me accepting what is right there all around me.

So choose well today.  Take the time for a rich conversation, for  a late night laugh, a reflection on what is really important and choose the happiness you have within you.  Remind yourself you’re worth it, as are those around you.  It is in the eye of the beholder…and behold the wonderful creation you are!

Here’s to your soulife….behold a happy one….and remember there is always someone who is particularly fond of you:)