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Restoration, redemption, faith, blessing in the moments, words of life.

My pondering this morning…

The sunlight streams across the page , the air is cool and crisp, the birds and squirrels alive in their morning hallelujahs.

Songs of a new day that is born, seeking the blessings and abundance before them for just this moment, this day, no worry for what’s next.  Working with the surety that the Father has provided, with no effort, all they need.  They only awaken with the wonder of the sunlight.

Sunlight…that’s a funny thing….all is silent until the  sun streams in.  As if there is such new life in the sun.  And not a small amount…but an abundance of life, joy and excitement!

What a sweet reminder of all that is given to me today.  The provision, the abundance is there daily.  You Papa just want me to see the joy in the new day, in the daily.  That unexpected blessing that can only come from You.  There is such peace and ease in that surrender.

You lead me here to the still, peaceful, quiet waters of your Presence.  A place where perfect peace casts out all fear, a place where there is surrender.

Making me lie down,

To stop,

To be tucked in that secret and quiet place You hold only for me.

Here, in this still place, I can drink from where you have me, drink from the love and grace you offer, from the healing you died for  and for the comfort this safe place provides.  You give me a respite from life, from stress, from the world.  A place where Your voice is louder than the chaos I call life.

Here I can breathe in deeply, filling and expanding my lungs with clean air, air that pushes out fear, shame, regret and anxiety.  Air that brings fresh new life into dead and dying places, air that truly restores.  Pushing the oxygen of Your life-breath into my bloodstream to flow to my mind and body…life-blood of healing, recovery and transformation.  As if now, in this place, my heart beats easier and stronger.

Bravery and boldness begin to rise.

Dense fog that has clouded my vision clears and I emerge from this resting place, sun in my face, with a new awareness of its warmth and light.

My heart is so gently stirred.


Ever so slightly at first, but now the move is confident and sure, full of faith, knowing and trusting the Director of the direction.  Clearer understanding of the peace of faith, the journey, not the destination, of faith.

A clearer course now set

Today…be thankful for the journey, for the never-ending love and grace, for the unexpected blessings and even unexpected trials for in all the goodness of the Father’s heart is there.

Psalm 23:6 “Your beauty and love chase after me everyday of my life.  I’m back home in the house of God for the rest of my life.” (the Message)

From a soulife overwhelmed with Papa’s goodness today….Dee


Purposeful Searching

Life is like a game of hide and seek.

I remember as a little girl not really liking this game.  There were too many unknowns.  No parameters and certainly no strategy when who was “it” constantly changed.  Unable to really know your pursuor  and where they would go, the options became endless.  Upon discovering the best hiding place, you would wait with frightened anticipation in this cat and mouse game.  But it was only a game and everyone was always found.

Until they weren’t.

Not being found, though the goal of the game, was also my biggest fear.  What if I outsmarted them but in their childish distraction stopped looking?  Just how long does one stay hidden before you come out and make your presence known?  Like I said previously, no parameters and too many unknown variables.

Life is like a game of hide and seek.

You see every child yearns to be known, yearns to be found and not forgotten.  From the most flamboyant and outgoing child who garners all the attention with every entrance, to the quiet, introspective one who silently screams come find me we all innately want to be found and known.

Yet in a culture that screams “look at me” “see what I’ve done and where I am” we still play the hide and seek game.

What if all the “look at me” was really a lost searching cry of “help me find the real me”?

Transparency and openness will kill hide and seek.  With no where to hide, we are all in the open.

That was not very profound and very obvious but in many ways evokes more fear in us than the thought of hiding so long we are never found.  Thus leading me to purposeful searching.

When we search with purpose there is a plan.  We have some set parameters.  Like in a treasure hunt.  Looking for buried treasure is purposeful searching.  Armed with maps, a GPS or compass and a clear knowledge of what the goal is, we can launch a successful treasure hunt.

So what if we approached life like a treasure hunt versus a game of hide and seek?  What if we approached ourselves and our life as a treasure hunt?

Purposeful searching.

What is often forgotten is that we have the treasure map in our hands.  God says his Word is a “lamp unto our feet”.  It’s the dashed line with the path already marked for our unique journey.

In the movies, there are scenes where the treasure map is found yet the finder has no ability to decipher it.  It is only by learning the “code” or language or even seeing it at a certain angle that the truth of the journey is illuminated.  So it seems if the treasure to be found, then one must use the right eyes or hear the correct language.  Like in hide and seek…it’s always about knowing where to look!

So it is with all of us.  God has so uniquely made each of us that He uses what is our own unique code to seek and find us.  He is a relentless seeker, but the question remains if we want to be found and brought out into the light.  The age old question.

“Lost are saved (found), find their way a the sound of Your great name.” (Your Great Name – Natalie Grant)

When we fear not being found or not being able to find or see the way, when we feel our game of hide and seek has gone terribly wrong and no one will ever know we are there, we are provided an escape….Jesus.

All He wants is the “real me” the real treasure to be found…for the one He created to step into the light, to stop hiding and hoping someone will seek me.  He has been seeking all along, to bring us back to show us the treasure is not in the hidden places but in the light of His beautiful grace.

Purposeful searching…not for the things hidden, but for what was so close.  The search is really over, His plan was the purpose all along.

The real me is the purpose in the plan, to bring us each back to the place where, as in the beginning, there is intimacy and we are found.  It is only when we stop the hiding and we simply seek…that there we will find.

Just some simple ponderings….may your soulife be blessed and you find purpose in the search…Dee